Xena Nightingale is a Human Fighter who specialises in using a Scythe to slice her opponents to ribbons.

Basic Information

  • Class: Fighter
  • Race: Human
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Diety: Ehlonna
  • Age: 22
  • Gender: Female
  • Equipment: Scythe, Longsword, Heavy Steel Shield, Scale Mail
  • Status: Alive

Bonds and Disposition Edit

Bonds: Edit

  • I owe Traven my life, whether I admit it or not. I could not have taken down a powerful foe without him. 
  • Sitoth is suspicious of me due to how much more money I have compared to the rest of the party.
  • I know incriminating details about Tornur, he can be careless when attacking.

Disposition Edit

  • I will put the lives of others before my own.

Notable Feats Edit

  • Survived two near-death experiences in session 1.
  • Killed a Worg in a single hit in session 3.
  • Fended off Valen in cooperation with Traven by becoming big in session 3.

Backstory Edit

Orphaned after a being involved in a serious house fire, Xena spent most of her childhood in the village's local orphanage. Most of her family's possessions were destroyed in the incident, but her mother's scarf was the one thing that she was able to salvage. Despite what had happened, she tried her best to remain cheerful and optimistic in order to move on.

Being an adventurous child, Xena and a small group of friends sneaked out of the orphanage one evening to explore a small cave  on the village outskirts – however, unaware that the cave was  off-limits to the villagers, the children were soon attacked by the giant spiders that lived there. Word of their disappearance from the orphanage soon spread across the village and the local swordsman eventually rescued them.

The children were rushed to the local cleric to be healed after being poisoned from the attack, but unfortunately three of them died before they could make it. Xena was lucky enough to survive but was left with a scar on her right shoulder from where she had been bitten, serving as a haunting reminder of what had happened.

After the incident Xena began to isolate herself from others, blaming herself for the death of her friends and was terrified of losing anyone else. Once she became a teenager, she approached the local swordsman and begged him to teach her how to fight so that she could learn to protect herself and those around her. 

Xena lived and trained with the swordsman until she became an adult, and at the age of 21 she finally decided to leave the village and travel the world to offer help to those who needed it.