Valen, the Usurper

Valen the Usurper is a Drow Elf Warrior and the first villain in the Dungeons and Dragons: Khorviare campaign.

Basic Information

  • Class: Warrior
  • Race: Drow Elf
  • Occupation: Warleader of the Drow Elves of The Gloaming
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Diety: Unknown
  • Age: Unknown
  • Gender: Male
  • Equipment: Dire Flail, Breastplate Armour
  • Status: Alive

Backstory Edit

Valen the Usuper was once a normal elf. He was a strong warrior, renowned for his skills with the dire flail in combat. He seeked glory and he got it on many different occasions. But the glory he received was not enough. He wanted more, he wanted to be more renowned, he wanted to be the most glorious person ever known - He wanted to be a king, and he grew mad wanting this. 

He thought it was HIS right to be king, due to his prowess on the battlefield. The elven council and royal lineage obviously denied such a thing, and he stormed off swearing revenge on the elven city of Greenheart, and that one day he will take the throne. He left the elves in search of new companions to aid in his plight, and who among all hate the elves? The drow.

As he hid in the caverns with his new allies, his skin turned black and his hair white as the influence of the drow increased, and soon he became no different from the drow themselves, and soon worked his way up to warleader of the drow. The once strong elven knight turned against his own kind due to his egotistical greed.

Now he wishes to take the capital of Greenheart for himself and the drow, and he probably has the power to do it.