The characters and creatures located within the continent of Khorvaire are vast and varied, from the humble humans of Aundair to the Quasit of the Demon Wastes, all the way to the magnificent White Dragons of Fingerbone Mountains. Some of these characters will be friendly like the halflings of Whitepine Forest, while others... not so much. Khorvaire has a lot to offer for those who seek it.

Player Characters Edit

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Notable Non-Player Characters Edit

Friendly NPCs Edit

  • The Blacksmith of Greensblade - Gave our heroes their first quest to retrieve his stolen family heirloom sword from an ogre.
  • Elise, Head of the Council of Greensblade - Provided the identity of Valen the Usurper.
  • The Captain of the Guard of Greensblade - Urged the party to take the notes to a worried Garen, the mayor of Erleskar.
  • Garen, Mayor of Erlaskar - The party provided the notes to Garen who was able to fortify the town a bit more in preparation for the Attack on Erleskar. After the attack, he tasked the party to hunt down and kill Valen for a reward he has yet to fully disclose.
  • The Alchemist of Erleskar - A shady character who sells potions, as well as secretly has a supply of poisons at his disposal. Sitoth bought some medium spider venom from him.
  • The Blacksmith of Erlsaksar - Identified the symbol on the dagger as the Symbol of the Lich, specifically a lich named Karthus.
  • The Wizard of Erlaskar - Is aware of Traven's family history. Provided Traven with a Scroll of Enfeeblement to fight Valen.

Hostile NPCs Edit

  • The Half-Orc Brothers - Challenged the party to a drinking competition, the party won. They tried to kill the party during the night to reclaim the winnings but were killed in the process, their corpses hidden upstairs in The Black Boar.
  • The Bounty Hunters - Challenged the party on the road from Erlaskar and claimed Tornur had a bounty on his head. The party slew them and found Tornur's wanted poster.