Sitoth Bor'Currid is a Dwarf Rogue who excels with his rapier, who can be sneaky or up front when the time calls for it.

Basic Information

  • Class: Rogue
  • Race: Dwarf
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Diety: Moradin
  • Age: 111
  • Gender: Male
  • Equipment: Rapier, Darts, Leather Armour
  • Status: Alive

Bonds and Disposition Edit

Bonds: Edit

  • I think Tornur is woefully misinformed about the world and have decided to teach them all I know.
  • I owe Traven a favor, whether I admit it or not. Why? He appraised an item.
  • I am suspicious of Xena due to how much more money she has compared to the rest of the party.

Disposition: Edit

  • I will provide gifts for my allies as a token of goodwill.

Notable Feats Edit

  • Won the parties first drinking competition in cooperation with Tornur in session 1.
  • Failed to sneak up on an a sleeping ogre in session 1.
  • Told a guard he had poison, resulting in it getting confiscated in session 3.

Backstory Edit

Theif dwarf who was raised by his grandfather. His own father got disowned because he was donating the family wealth to the poor. Ever since then his grandfather tried but failed to re-establish his business of FINE DWARVEN WEAPONS due to new mass produced techniques used by other dwarven blacksmiths that were exceptionally cheaper.

So his grandpa dies poor. Not terribly poor, he got 200 jewels on his casket. But in his will he wanted to be buried in a ton of liquid gold, which he couldn't afford (but would have if his son hadn't spent it all on those low class beggars).

So he goes out on the quest to amass enough gold, pure 100% gold, to smelt his grandpa into and fulfill his final wishes.