Wet Bloodied Rag Edit

After the slaying of the drunken half-orcs, the party grabbed some rags and cleaned up the blood to hide the evidence of the fight, thus leaving the party with a collection of wet bloodied rags. Tornur decided to keep his in his inventory while the rest were disposed of.

After slaying the ogre Tornur disposed of his wet bloodied rag in the cave when they departed, cursing the pointlessness of the rag.

The Notes Edit

Two notes were found in the forest during the parties trip to and from the ogre cave.

  • The first note found was from a goblin camp near the village of Greensblade, written in Goblin that was translated by Tornur's Spell.
  • The second note was found from a drow elf ambush near the village of Greensblade, written in Elvish and was read by Traven.

Both notes had instructions to wait for a signal and move in, and they were both signed by 'V'.

The notes were then translated and written down in the common tongue on parchment.

It was later discovered that V stood for Valen, the Usurper, by the leader of the council of Greensblade.

The party provided the notes to the Mayor Garen of Erlaskar who said he was very grateful for the warning although his fears had come true, and fortified the town in preparation for the worst. The Attack on Erlaskar resulted in victory due to the player's actions.

The Dagger/Symbol Edit


A dagger was found on a mangled corpse located in a bush on the way to the town of Erlaskar. The dagger had a strange symbol on it that no one could understand or identify. Sitoth scratched the dagger on a rock for some reason.

Sitoth took the dagger to the dwarvern blacksmiths in Erlaskar and he himself could not understand, but after searching through an old tome of insignia managed to match the symbol, and work out it stands for 'The Symbol of the Lich', a lich known as Karthus specifically but that's all he could find out from the book.

The dagger was sold to the blacksmith for 1 gold.

Wanted Poster Edit


On the corpse of the bounty hunters the party discovered a wanted dead or alive poster with Tornur's name and face printed on it, confirming that he does indeed have a bounty on his head. The party does not understand how Tornur became wanted in the first place, but it appears to be an official document stamped by the Imperatorium.